This year has been full of incredible ups and downs so far. From choosing my first apartment to widening my friendships to more than just one group of friends, I've realized a common trend: I struggle with close relationships. As I tried to look to the root of why I tend to have trouble maintaining … Continue reading Relationships



Do you ever feel so alone that you're not even sure you had friends to begin with? Recently I've felt like I have no one to turn to, only more prominent because of the fact that I have had a lot of issues where all I want to do is talk to a friend. When … Continue reading Adulthood

Sad Student Diary

It is day one of finals and morale is so low. -We are sick of each other -We are sick of studying (and we haven't even really begun) -We are drowning in final papers and review packets -No one has patience for one another -Literally everyone stinks