~~Finals Week~~

As I sit here with an unwritten speech due Tuesday, two presentations and an exam due Wednesday, and an upcoming event that still requires planning on Saturday, I can’t help but feel like I should further procrastinate and write a blog post about something that’s been bothering me quite a bit recently: Why do girls think it is okay to talk badly about their “best friends”? I get it, maybe you had a bad week. I get it, you’re tired and stressed and sometimes people annoy you. I get it, maybe you just don’t like someone that much. However, calling yourself one of someone’s “best friends” and then purposefully leaving them out of events so that you can sit in and talk bad about them is ridiculous.

I remember hearing that “middle-school girls are the meanest” so granted I thought that I was done with the rude gossip and sneaky friends. I was obviously wrong. Some people didn’t get the memo that you no longer have puberty as an excuse for being a hormonal asshole.

Let’s grow up a little ~or a lot~ and realize that just because you are bored with your own life does not give you an excuse to tear someone else down. Whether it be jealousy, distaste for a person, or wHaTeVeR, you being a bitch makes you look bad, and truly shows others that you are a backstabbing know-it-all who likes to act sweet to someone’s face then badmouth them so that you look good in front of boys, and honestly I’m sick of it.

Now, honestly, it sounds like I absolutely hate every person who has ever badmouthed a friend, which isn’t true. I just want us to be able to own up when we’re being rude, and be a little more conscious of when we’re being mean, because honestly it can tear someone to pieces, especially if that person respects (or respected) you and trusts you to be honest and up front with them.


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