DSC_0731.jpgLife is crazy. Everyone knows that. School is hard, boys are mean, and sometimes friends argue. However, regardless, today I am grateful. I am part of an organization that I love with some of the best women in Tennessee. I have a ~future~ little that I get to welcome into my family. I am loved by so many people. I have a drive to get a job that I love and work hard.

Yeah, being involved in many things is a lot of work. I usually cannot hang out with a friend unless I plan three days in advance. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and my grades slip or I get tired. Sometimes I feel like my friends are forgetting about me while I’m out doing things. But then my grades bounce back, I get a good night’s sleep, and I remember that my friends are amazing and love me no matter what.

Life is better when you face a few challenges. You learn to deal with the hardships as well as truly appreciate those moments of accomplishment when you can sit back and enjoy your success. I am so grateful today for everything my family, friends, and Tennessee has granted me and I challenge you to find some things you’re grateful for today.


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