What No One Tells You About Sororities


Before you get started; yes, sometimes we are the stereotypical giggling group of girls that scream our chant in sync as we all dance around in our matching white jeans and cute tops. However, there’s so much more to being in a sorority than you find out from watching House Bunny.

First, they don’t tell you that your family will treat you like an actual family. When you all go out, they’ll be right alongside you sharing your alcoholic (or non-alcoholic) slushies, and they’ll make sure that you get pics because your highlight is on point and they spent a whole hour doing their eyeshadow and will not leave the bar until there is a perfectly candid picture of the two of you looking adorable and so thankful to have found each other. This family will also take you to cookout after hitting the bars because they know what you look like after a few too many and they legitimately want to make sure you’ll be alright. (Shoutout to my magical and loving family for the fries, corndogs, AND chicken nuggets that I devoured. You’re the reason I was able to get up this morning and be a real human).

Secondly, Your sisters are who you’ll do everything with, and it’s not because you have to. Your best friends will be your sisters in the sorority. They’ll take you to do everything from buying gourmet donuts to shopping for lace crop tops because somehow, they know all your flaws and still love you and want you in their family.

It’s not all a cupcake walk however. You do get in arguments, and not everyone will get along. You are joining a large group of hormonal, sleep-deprived girls. If you expect hugs and giggles 100% of the time, I hate to disillusion you but please take a reality check. Sometimes you even argue with your best friends, because that’s reality. However, you’ll always work it out because you share a bond (and have to see each other at least once a week at meeting).

Lastly, I feel like this is one of those clichéd, over-exaggerated, definitely over-used points about being in a sorority, but you really do find your best friends in your sorority. I didn’t know it when I joined the sorority, but the women I’ve found in my organization are some of the best women I’ve met. When I met my (now) best friend she was a relaxed, fun, and low key person that I enjoyed spending time with. Now, I can tell at a glance whether she’s mad, upset, or stressed and she can do the same for me. She’s a voice of reason when I’m being crazy, and I can go to her for anything at any time. Yeah, sometimes you’ll get on each other’s nerves, but you’ll love her no matter what because she’s your person and you definitely wouldn’t make it more than thirty minutes without her.Mountains.JPG


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