IMG_7333.JPGI am not always the first to admit that I don’t appreciate my life and all the opportunities I am granted. However, this is a fault for many, especially me. For example, just a few hours ago I was sitting around before my sorority meeting with my friends, thinking of no one and nothing other than what I had to do when I got home. Then, as I was going into meeting, I received a message that my father was in the emergency room for a bad fall he had while out skiing.

Everything froze and my reality shifted to include more than just myself and my “strenuous” class schedule. Suddenly I was remembering the last time I saw my dad, and the way I acted towards him. Had I said “I love you”? Did I even acknowledge that I was going to miss him while he was gone?

Thankfully, my father broke the upper part of his humerus, and was able to fly home rather than go into emergency surgery in Colorado. However, hundreds of people aren’t so lucky. This brief scare reminded me that each of our lives are so precious, and if we aren’t taking time to appreciate ourselves and each other we may lose someone and regret our lack of appreciation later on.

Thank you to all of my friends and family that make my life so wonderful. I love and appreciate you. And to those of you who I don’t know, thank you for being yourself. You have an incredible impact on this planet that no one can yet even comprehend. You are amazing.

Go out and appreciate your life and others today, because nothing is guaranteed.


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