Update: Raw Week

First off, let me say how pleased I am with how this week is going, and it’s only day three! Thus far, I am fuller, I feel better, I can actually tell that I look better, and I’ve found a myriad of foods that I enjoy. Granted, some of these changes began a few weeks ago since I began my journey to become more “I run for fun”, and less “oops I ate the whole pizza before my friends got here… again”.

Now, there is nothing wrong with simply making healthier choices without the decision to go fully raw. After this week I will go back to simply making healthier choices as well, though perhaps without some of the foods I have excluded this week (considering completely removing dairy from my diet). Simply eating healthier is definitely more attainable, with more options at restaurants and an easier grocery list.

However, after going grocery shopping and finding the section of my dining hall that has good vegetarian/raw options, I am thoroughly enjoying the benefits of eating raw foods.

For breakfast, I ate half of a grapefruit, two hard boiled eggs (not raw but ya girl loves eggs), a banana and some almonds. Lunch was a huge salad with cucumber, olives, corn, broccoli, etc with a side of raspberries and blackberries and a little bit of basil pesto hummus with baby carrots. When my friend brought over two large slices of cheesy, greasy pepperoni pizza, I wasn’t tempted in the slightest to ask for a bite. It’s interesting to see how my cravings change as I get accustomed to my new way of eating. As I change, my body and the way I see food changes as well. I will say that although I fill up faster at meals, I get hungrier quicker afterwards, but this has hardly proved a trial as a handful of almonds will quickly satisfy my hunger needs.

So for now, I will continue on and can’t wait to see how my body continues to adjust to this new lifestyle.


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