Things to do That are Better Than Texting Your Ex

Oh boy. Let’s be honest, when it comes to boys I’m not the brightest. I’m actually about as far from the brightest as it gets. I’ve texted at least one ex every time I’ve had alcohol since being back on campus. I’m queen of the classic “WYD” text message. I know better than to actually go see these boys that I’ve sworn off, however there’s just something about texting boys that have been sworn off that I can’t resist. So, mostly for myself, here’s a list of things that I could, and should, probably do besides texting my ex. Hopefully, if you’re feeling that tug towards your phone, you’ll take note of my list as well.

  • Eat an entire pizza by yourself. Your heart may hurt, but that’s just the grease attacking your organs. Much better than the hurt that comes from texting Jared again.
  • Binge watch an entire series on Netflix. I’d much rather watch Pam and Jim get together than sit around and wait for Brandon to say “what’re you wearing;)”.
  • Go to the dentist, which is less painful and at least you get a nice smile out of it.
  • Clean your room.. I mean, you’ve been putting it off for awhile now and it’s way more productive than telling John that you’re just leaving the bars and you want to meet up.
  • Put on a full face of makeup. Then take a few shots. Then go lay in bed and ponder why you ever wanted to see how Kevin was doing in the first place.
  • Purchase twelve cats. Let’s be honest, they’ll probably be moody and attack you when you’ve done nothing wrong, but after dating Derek you’re totally used to it.
  • Cut your own hair. It’s just as destructive as texting Leonard, but this way at least everyone else gets some enjoyment out of your poor decisions.
  • Go camping, because maybe you’ll get lucky and a bear will eat you before you have a chance to text Tony and tell him that you miss him.
  • Pretend that you’re a part of the couch you’re sitting on, and sit still until you fall asleep or forget why you started pretending in the first place. I guarantee it is more interesting than anything Tom had to say anyway.
  • Begin writing a blog, and let all of your online readers know how unstable you are… Well, it’s working for me I guess.

Well, there you have it. Ten things that are smarter, healthier, and less painful than texting your ex.images.jpg


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