Erin the Gym Enthusiast

If you know me, reading the title of this blog made you laugh. No, I am not a fitness guru. Yes, I eat a lot of junk food. This week alone, I’ve consumed hibachi factory, hibachi grill, wok chow, pizza, and dozens of shots. I intend to go to the gym, but often find myself skipping for the entire weekend and instead hitting up the buffet in the lobby of my dorm. No, I’m not condemning myself, nor solely here to write about my distaste for all things green and leafy.

Rather, I’m here to hold myself accountable and discuss that I am going to be healthier this semester. Going to the gym, eating actual fruits and vegetables, and walking when feasible are all steps I’m going to take (a little at a time).

Not to lose weight (which I should probably do), nor get a spring break body (which I’m hoping for), but because I genuinely feel happier and healthier when I begin to treat my body like I care what happens to it. When I exercise and eat better, I feel better -shoutout to endorphins- and I consequently want to continue these healthier habits.

I’m still going to go out, and no I’m not going to cry if I eat a piece of chocolate. However, this new year is about doing things that make me love others and myself, and to do that I’m going to begin by treating my body like I love it.

So shoutout to loving yourself and the new year!ModelWannabe_0478.JPG


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