Thoughts had During Class

Do you ever have one of those sluggish mornings where you just don’t want to do a single thing? It’s my second day of classes this semester and already I am finding myself dreading class. Thus begins my thought process for today’s blog post. Below you will find 10 thoughts that go through my (and likely most college students’) head during a given lecture class.

  1. Do I really have to be here for this? It’s in the textbook, I’ve done the homework, and I’m most likely not paying attention anyway.
  2. Wow her voice must be really loud to fill this big room.
  3. Ooh the computer in front of me is watching Friends!
  4. How many cute boys are in here? Are they looking at me?
  5. Can anyone tell that I haven’t washed my hair in two days?
  6. I’m hungry.. I wonder if anyone near me has food.
  7. I KNOW THAT GIRL! She’s in my english class and gave me gum the other day.. maybe I should sit by her more often.
  8. Someone stinks… is it me? Please don’t be me. *discreetly sniffs armpit*
  9. I could use a shot or four right about now.



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