The Feeling of Infinity

Well here I am at 1:30 in the morning on a school night. I briefly considered sleep, but frankly decided a better use of my time would be to start a blog instead. My classes can wait.

Are you ever kept awake by the sheer weight of thoughts in your head? Dreams of travel, ideas for projects, activities that bring you joy and your first love, who somehow slipped through your fingers too long ago all fight for prominence in your mind while you try to produce cohesive thoughts.

I am one of those many people who gets lost inside their own head. Some may deem me forgetful while others claim I simply cannot pay attention. However often I miss entire conversations due to the infinity of questions inside my mind. I intend to release some of these thoughts on this page, which I sincerely hope some of you find some sort of connection with because I know I’m not the only one. This is a generation of dreamers, travelers, lovers, and so many more. We are in an era of art, both through paint and canvas as well as ink and paper. We are a world of conversation and controversy, and through discourse we dispute, counter, and open our minds to the words of our peers.

Although I digress a great deal, and am likely to ramble throughout these posts, I truly hope there is one person out there who relates. This is a world of infinite ideas, passions, and faiths, and perhaps someone might just find solace with my small infinity.

I suppose tonight I am feeling philosophic, because I am in the midst of change. New to college, recently out of the most serious relationship I have had with the only man I have loved thus far in life, a new year, and figuring out what sort of adult I will be all have me considering what things I love the most. However, all I manage to come back to is how many things there are to love in this world. Tonight I will share some things that I believe are under-appreciated and deserve a little more love.

  1. The way the leaves change color and fall in October.
  2. How hard it is to let go of someone you love, despite their shortcomings.
  3. The early morning, before the sun rises when the world is still.
  4. Feeling your stomach flip when you are surrounded by people you love.
  5. New beginnings, and their endless possibilities.

With this new year, I hope to find an endless supply of things to love about this beautiful world.


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