I am not always the first to admit that I don't appreciate my life and all the opportunities I am granted. However, this is a fault for many, especially me. For example, just a few hours ago I was sitting around before my sorority meeting with my friends, thinking of no one and nothing other than … Continue reading Fragility


Update: Raw Week

First off, let me say how pleased I am with how this week is going, and it's only day three! Thus far, I am fuller, I feel better, I can actually tell that I look better, and I've found a myriad of foods that I enjoy. Granted, some of these changes began a few weeks ago since … Continue reading Update: Raw Week

Raw Eating

Well, you heard it here first folks. I am officially a pretentious, food conscious, body-image obsessed health nut who counts macros in her free time and purposefully eats -2000 calories a day... Just kidding. Really though, as an experiment I thought it would be interesting to see how much clean eating for a week would … Continue reading Raw Eating